Our Story


 In The Willows is a New York City based childrens brand founded and designed by Mary Grace. It was inspired by her mission to find pieces that are functional, comfortable, and stylish for her daughters.  They play outside everyday no matter the weather condition so it is important that the line cater to the seasons. 

The pieces are versatile, easily transitioning between indoor and outdoor playtime. They are meant to be worn much longer and eventually passed down. Our mission is to encourage children to be free and play without feeling inhibited by what they are wearing while also maintaining timeless style.

"I wanted to make it really easy for one to style their child's wardrobe in any season, so I designed everything with a few things in mind. It is important that everything in the collection can be mixed and matched, layered or unlayered, especially in the colder months, as layering is a necessity. Comfort. Style. functionality. Longevity are always highly considered when designing each piece.  I believe what goes on our bodies is just as important as what goes into our bodies so all the fabrics are of our earth." - Mary Grace

We are In the Willows, the start of a child's whimsical magical adventure!